Releasing Love Costs Obedience

I always pray where to go on ministry trips.  Years ago the Holy Spirit had me start taking prophetic love tours.  During these tours, the Spirit of the Lord will instruct me where to go, when to turn, and which restaurants and hotels to stop at.  Often I have a general direction when I start as to where I will go and sometimes we get on the road and simply drive for 3-11 days at a time.

I have taken 11 prophetic love tours where we go and love on the homeless, prophesy on the streets and go to love on God’s servants.  I live in Michigan, and we have traveled as far west as Las Vegas and south to Louisiana.  We have done an East Coast tour and started out our first love tour in Wisconsin.  We have traveled far and wide to make the love of Jesus known.

Three years ago my ministry was forever changed as I traveled three short hours away and went to love on well known Christian businessmen and ministers.  As I went to this meeting to simply be love and release the prophetic over their individual lives, I came away feeling more love than I even poured out.  These men oozed out such a love of the Father that I went on a three-day solitude retreat with the Lord afterward in which I birthed my ministry of love.

Everything changed from that day forward.   I had already known the intimate love of the Father, but now I was going to make it a mission that everyone who came in contact with my ministry felt His abundant love.  I changed my ministry mission from healing and deliverance to releasing the love and power of God.  When we release the love and power of God, healing and deliverance will occur, so now I can release both missions into people’s lives.

I have just arrived back from my 11th love tour.  My assignment from the Holy Spirit was to go down and love on an Apostle in Maryland.  He wasn’t having any problems or feeling discouraged.  In the natural, nothing was going on that He needed an uplifting experience.  The Father simply wanted this man to be loved upon.  Everyone needs love.  Everyone needs to experience the vastness of God’s love.

Once again, like in my meeting above, God blew me away.  As I went there to be love, I felt like I got more love back.  Sometimes my saying is, “they out loved me.”  What I am trying to express is that even though I poured out every ounce of love I had, I felt so much more love back.  Seven days later I am still basking in His weighty presence and great love.

Obedience costs us something.  The obedience we had to offer God was our time, finances and family.  We had to give up our agenda for His instructions.  I love to preach.  The pulpit is where I come alive!  I love sharing the Gospel and releasing prophetically whatever the Spirit has for each meeting.  I love declaring and seeing the bondages break off of people from the platform.  However, God told me, this tour was about being love and that I could do more for His Kingdom by going here and just being love than I could if I was invited to speak at this event.  I can’t wait to get to heaven and see the Kingdom impact one simple act of being love and obedience brought forth.

Why don’t you take some time to pray and seek the Holy Spirit for your next instruction, whether big or small and be obedient to take that action to advance the Kingdom!

~ by Kathy DeGraw on October 13, 2017.

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