Kingdom Preparation – Prophetic Word

PROPHETIC WORD – Kingdom Preparation

What are you doing for the Lord? Are you sitting idly by waiting for time to pass or are you actively pursuing the things of the Lord? The Lord is looking for workers, servants for His Kingdom who are going to shake off worldly habits and activities and get busy building His Kingdom. He does not want us to be slothful, but diligently pursuing His purposes. The Lord wants us to rise up and take on His mannerisms, instead of allowing the world to define and transform us. He has called us for Kingdom purposes; divine purposes, and the Lord says, “It is time to rise up My children, rise up and take your rightful place and authority in the Kingdom.” He says, “There is much work to do to attract people to the Kingdom of God. I need my laborers to rise up and get busy, get active. It is no longer time to sit idly by.” He says, “Why do you not pursue my purposes? What is more important than me.” The Father is not only searching and seeking for those who will worship Him in freedom, spirit and truth, but those who will passionately pursue His presence and draw and lead other people into this Kingdom journey. Christianity is a lifestyle, not a passing daily habit, but something we should pursue to represent and present every day of the week. Living our lives for Christ isn’t always easy, but the benefits out-weigh the struggles. The Lord says, “Are you going to passionately pursue Me like you do the cares and enjoyment you have of the things in this world? I have given you a Kingdom that cannot be shaken. Do you understand that? With Me and My Kingdom you cannot and will not be shaken when you put me first. I have loved you with an everlasting love. I enjoy being with you. You move My heart. Now rise up my saints, get busy, because the time draws near.”

~ by Kathy DeGraw on April 26, 2018.

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