Words Have Destroying Power

We know there is power in our words.  Words tear down, and words build up.  We get hurt in relationships because of the power of our words.  Our words have destroying power against the people, but our words also have destroying power against the spirit realm.

When you speak out, the spiritual realm must respond.  Jesus has given us authority over the spirit realm. Therefore it must respond by taking action.  The power you carry inside of you and through you is the power to bind and restrict demons and to order them to leave you and your loved ones alone.  You also carry power to dispatch angels and have angels activating on your orders.  But, do you know the power you carry.

The power you carry is available through reading the Bible and learning about the power Jesus left to give us.  You must believe you have authority to release something.  You aren’t going to know that authority until you know your identity in Christ and that the very Spirit of God co-labors with you.

Your words, what you speak out and declare out through prayer and decrees has the power to break up or charge the spiritual atmosphere around you to create change.  How about that?  You have the power to change the spiritual atmosphere around you.

Your words are powerful, but you have to know the power you carry.  You almost have to be arrogant in a holy way and say When I speak the spiritual realm will active.  In fact, those words could be a very declaration you call out to claim it and call it forth.

Try prophesying and declaring over yourself, I speak, and the spiritual realm activates and responds.   Trying looking at yourself and the words you speak out as destroying power and who knows the very thing you destroy just may make room for a new heavenly creation!

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~ by Kathy DeGraw on June 22, 2018.

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