Kathy’s Bio

Kathy DeGraw strengthens, teaches, trains and equips believers to experience the fullness of God.  She stretches them to reach for a higher spiritual level so they can be equipped for the ministry God is calling them to.  She is passionate about worship and believes God is raising up a new generation of believers who will worship the Father in Spirit, freedom and truth.  She has a clear and unique gift of discernment and operates in a strong prophetic, healing and deliverance anointing.
She believes in breaking down religious and denominational barriers.  She equips believers in denominational churches to live a spirit-filled life and transform their churches.  Kathy leaves them challenged and wanting more biblical truths and freedom in Christ.

She believes in calling forth the glory of the Lord to heal, set free and deliver. In Kathy’s meetings people have experienced the manifest presence of the Lord, freedom in worship and have been supernaturally released from bondages.

Kathy’s dynamic speaking style will be shown through compassion, authority, triumph, enthusiasm and the leading of the Holy Spirit.  She is a vibrant anointed speaker leaving your audience captivated and on fire for the Lord!

Kathy hosts her own events and has been an invited speaker at Christian Women’s Clubs (an affiliation of Stonecroft International), The Walk to Emmaus (an affiliation of The Upper Room) and M.O.P.S. International. She is a Christian Speaker trained by “Speak Up with Confidence” and has attended the Billy Graham School of Evangelism. She was a Certified Lay Speaker for 3 years filling in for pastors and preaching at a variety of Sunday worship services.

She is a published author Time To Set The Captives Free – How to start your own deliverance ministry, On My Knees Again In Worship – Going from pew sitter to worshiper, and Flesh, Satan or GodWho are you hearing from? A book on discernment and hearing from God.  She is also a 2009 Award Recipient for her book The Sky’s The Limit, on starting a children’s outreach ministry.

She is passionate about prayer and healing and has over 10 years experience in teaching, leading and organizing prayer and healing rooms and services. Kathy along with her husband, Ron, have also been directors of an International Healing Room.

Kathy is married to her best friend, Ron DeGraw, and is a mom to three teenage children, Dillon, Amber and Lauren. They reside in Grandville, Michigan.

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